Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have watched one movie which is made in korea.
So real title is koean but if I try to translate it for English
I might say "Our happy time"

Totally it has been my favorate movie in my life.
It is melodramatic movie which I disliked originally.
To tell the truth I liked action movie such as Die-hard, Troy, 300, and so on...
So I went to watch movie which is melodramatic once in a bluemoon.
Since I had thought it was waste to watch melodramatic movie at theater
I watched the movie at home.
A story of the movie was about murderer who killed someone, who was maid, accidentally
and then, he had a guilty conscience.
And A woman who inteded to cure him went to meet him at jail periodically.
Although his mind was closed to her at first, he opened his mind day by day and, gradually.
Finally he got to love her.
But because he was a condemned ciriminal it was just a short time to love her.
The movie finished after he had died.

To be continued.........

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Am I ????

I'm the type of person who likes sleeping too much.

And I can't stand foods which has sweet flavor.

I'm such a person who really loves going to karaoke.

In addtion, I would love to be a person who works like a charm.

Finally, I'm the type of person who is no more than others.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vancouver Story

I would like to write about Kaz's story.

Even thought it could''t be a correct story, i'll bring back my memory.

I can't remember exact time, but it is correct time that

he was working in a coffee shop or restaurant or fastfood shop,

shomewhere like these.

When he was working there, a man alwas came to his workplace.

The man didn't buy anything, but he wanted to talk with Kaz.

It was a problem. Since there was Kaz's workplace, He wanted

the man to buy something.

Therefore Kaz told hime that he could come there everyday, but if he

wanted to do, he sould buy something which Kaz was selling.

And I can't remember the middle story....sorry....

Oneday, the man brought flowers, and he knelt down on the street,

and then he asked Kaz that Kaz could be a his boyfriend.

At that time a lot of people were walking beside them.

It was such a embarrassing situation for Kaz.

So, Kaz tole him he wasn't gay. and then Kaz ran away.