Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The kind of rude behaviour that infuriates me

It occured when I was a high-school student. After school, I would get together at my friend's home off and on. It was one of the days that I went to his house. There were my friend, my his mother, me and his dog then. When we were playing the computer game, his mother came in the room, and started pouring milk into cups. After filling two cups with milk, she told me "Woojin it is left only one more cup of milk. I'm so sorry, this is for my pet." And she gave milk to the dog. Also, they drank a cup of milk each. I couldn't understand the situation. Is it possible to happen to a guest? I had known them for a long time and, I was pretty sure that they didn't dislike me. I don't know.... I can't give a picture of the feeling that I felt then. Despite of everything, I felt suck!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It happened 1 year ago in Korea. I was going back home from journey by subway. Because of long trip, and I had drunk too much, I was exhausted. Unfornunately, there was no seat on subway, so I was standing up. And, Since my bag was so heavy, I put it on a shelf. A few minutes later, someone had left from his seat, and I could sit down. And then I started reading newspaper. I knew my bag was on the shelf, but because three of my friends were with me, I didn't worry about it. When we arrived at the station that we had to get off, I saw the shelf which I put my bag on. However, I couldn't find my bag. I was sure that someone had stolen it. I was floored. It was the situation that I couldn't believe in. I was embarrassed. I didn't know what I had to do. I brew up. If I had caught the thief, I would have killed him. I was stupefied. There was so much stuff in my bag such as clothes, sunglasses, shoes, and a wallet. Since then, I've seized my bag by my hand everywhere I go.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I live in Seoul which is the capital of Korea. Indeed, there are a lot of similarities between Seoul and Vancouver. Many cars as well as people, skyscrapers, pubs, night clubs, shopping malls, Mcdonalds, starbuckses, and so on. Actually most things are resemble. I tried to find differences, but nothing popped into my head. It must be bacause of globalization. It seems that most big cities are converging on same feature, so somebody could think that globalization is making every city the same. However, If we focus on more specific things, we can find differences that include traditional taste. For instance, there are a lot of Mcdonalds in Seoul as much as here, but they sell special burgers for customers such as rice burger and kimchi burger. In addition, there is a rice cake in starbucks in Korea. They are only for Koreans. Although we have recevied western cultures, and looked to assimilate with them, we are conseving our own culture. It is sure that we should keep up with other countries, but if we lose our own culture instead of gaining other's one, it is really sorry to our ancestors. If you think that other cultures are threatening, and destroying yours, you'd better think singualr alternatives like us.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Challenge in Vancouver

8 weeks ago from now, I went to Whistler to study English. I thought it would be a good chance for me. However, my thought was totally changed as soon as I arrived there. There was only nature. Actually I don't like nature so much because I had lived in the mountain through two years. Some people who were from some parts of Europe such as, Switzerland, Germany and Austria loved Whistler. They enjoyed mountain biking that was not popular in my country. And also, they liked playing by themselves. Therefore I was usually at home after school, and I stayed at home every weekends. What is more, my homestay mother didn't take care of me. I was able to eat dinner about 10 times for 6weeks. In conclusion, everything was a nightmare.Even though I went to Whistler to study, I couldn't defeat my loneliness. So I came back to Vancouver. I think it was my challenge. I tried to improve my English skill. I just rushed without any imformation, though. Since I was too rash, I couldn't help failing. I don't know what I got from this experience. I just regret throwing the time away.